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Welcome to Mobile Stage Manufacturing - we are a manufacturer of portable hydraulic stages used in the special event, entertainment and municipal industries. Our mobile stages are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards in the world. Our units consist of light weight rapid deployment technology making it easier and faster than our competitors. Lighter Portable Stages mean lighter load on the road making them more energy effiecient while traveling. Each constructed mobile stage comes with it's own TUV certified construction manual which helps maintain safety and accountability.

Our team of professional Stage-Mobilists are proud of each and every unit that rolls out of the manufacturing plant and with your continued support we grow.

Count on Mobile Stage Manufacturing when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard. Call us today at 516 882 5412.

Certified for Safety and Environmentally Resposible

Technology, Training and Operational Structure

Highest Global Safety Standard

Each stage we Mobile Stage Manufacturing manufactures receives its own individual TÜV Certification. TÜV has been working to make our world a safer and more sustainable place. They provide services for testing, certification, engineering audits, and training for for the industry. With a global reach and unmatched world-wide capabilities and resources, they ensure your products and systems are safe, reliable and ready for the U.S. and global marketplace.

TÜV certification is a global standard consisting of the highest safety standards available in the world, recognized by world-leading countries. We are proud to offer such a certification to our network of mobile stage owners. When you choose our company, you're choosing the lightest, safest, quickest mobile stage available in the world! Choose Certainty. Add Value.

Be Green!

All of our stages save you more money! Each mobile stage trailer is designed to be the lightest it can possibly be without sacrificing structural integrity of the portable stage when set in its position. Lighter mobile stages mean less fuel to tow it, which means less impact on our environment. Be more efficient, Be more conscious, Be a GREEN STAGEMOBILIST!

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